Suck it, 2016!

Man, 2016, huh? What a year! It took so much from so many of us, not Betty White though...Thanks, guy that started the Kickstarter so 2016 couldn't take her from us! Seriously though, so many people in my life (including myself) had a pretty damn rough go last year. It was a struggle to get into the holidays, even though it meant starting anew at the end there. So, I figured what the hell, let's send this shit year off with a bang and let it know we won't miss it!

I made a pop up card proverbially hitting 2016 in the ass with a door (plus, I used 2 of my favorite colors!). It feels so good to be able to look forward to a better year, or so I hope!

This card has the instructions with everything you would need to replicate it in the Premium Tutorial Pack PDF offered by Fun n' Crafty Stampers here for only $15. There are a few additional ways to get it, so take a look and see what sounds the best for you =) In the meantime, I am pretty proud of how it came out, as well as the way the pictures came out, so I wanted to share it with you all! I wish you all an amazingly beautiful 2017!

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